The City of Anxiety – Part II

This is part two of the City of Anxiety so if you have not read the first part off you go can come back once you have finished, I can wait……………….  Now shall I begin?

The words “It will find you.” were still present, so the Ministry of Information Dispersal will find me, that’s nice.  For hours I wander up and down dusty streets occasionally wiping the dust of a shop window in the vein hope of finding something other than a shoe shop.  I looked down at my feet to see if my shoes could do with being replaced and to my shock I found I was not wearing any.  Instead of my shoes there were slippers and instead of my causal Sunday afternoon relaxing clothes pyjamas and a dressing gown.  Given all that has happened recently this actually did not seem that strange, besides I cannot be distracted from the task of getting the Ministry of Information Dispersal finding me.

I looked back down the street I had just walked up and noticed something different, my tracks were no longer there.  In fact bar the place I was stood there were all gone, forgotten, and erased as if I had never been there.  I moved a pace forward and watched and though and behold my previous foot prints disappeared covered up with the briefest gust of wind.  Looks like the wind had grown tired of playing with the piece of paper and was out to cause mischief.  Worst comes to worse I was hoping to use my tracks to retrace my path back to the Ministry of Information Retrieval, well that idea is now gone up in a puff of wind.

It was at this point I heard a voice whisper in my ear.  I spun around to see who was doing the whispering but no one was there.  The voice spoke again this time more clearly, “Hello Mr Lawrence I have been expecting you.”  My mouth moved but nothing came out, I spun around and around but could not find anyone to attach to the voice.  “I am sorry if I startled you that was not my intention.”  “But, but, but, where are you?” I muttered.  “I’m stood right next to you, have been for a while.” came the ghostly reply.  I looked left and right, nothing; I checked the dusty floor, nothing.  “I am sorry I should explain my body is off having fun elsewhere, or at least I think it is.”  “We got divorced a number of years ago and I have not seen them since, god knows what state it’s in?”  Still coming to terms with the fact I am having a conversation with just a voice I summon the strength to ask a question.  “I am looking for the Ministry of Information Dispersal I don’t suppose you know where I can find it?”  “Naturally sir that is why I am here to help you or should I say help it find you.” came the ghostly reply.

I looked around again and I still find myself alone, in fact bar the receptionist at the Ministry of Information Retrieval I have seen no one else.  Puzzled I dare to ask another question “Where is everyone else?”  “Everyone else sir, there is no one else.  Each city of Anxiety is as individual as anxiety is to each and everyone who suffers from it.  “This is your city of Anxiety sir built specifically for you and you only.”  “That is why events happen when you least expect it but most need them to, it keeps things fresh yet does not impose to much anxiety.”

“So where do I find the Ministry of Information Dispersal then?”  The voice moved as it replied, “To your right sir next door to the shoe shop.”  Sure enough there shiny and dust free was another door way with a sign saying Ministry of Information Dispersal.  Eager to get out of the dull and boring city I made my way in and up to the reception where I was surprised to find the same gentlemen as at the Ministry of Information Retrieval.  “Hello again how did you get here so quickly?” I said.  “I am sorry sir have we met before?” came the calm reply.  “Yes you were at the Ministry of Information Retrieval, I saw you earlier.”  “I am sorry sir but I have never been to the Ministry of Information Retrieval that you speak of.”  “But they sent me here to get an IRP45 form.” I said feeling ever so confused.

“Ahhhh the IRP45 form, yes sir we have one of those.”  “Excellent can I please have one then?”  “Do you have a IDFFS-1 form sir?” came the calm reply.  “Ummmmmm no I do not, where do I get one of those from?” I said suddenly feeling lost and anxious.  With a slightly raised eyebrow the receptionist replied “The Ministry of Information Retrieval sir, I cannot let you have an IRP45 until you have one, rules sir.”  “WHAT THE F”£K, but I have just come from there you great steaming nit.”  “Indeed sir and you now need to go back there again sir, just retrace your foot prints that is unless the wind got bored with the piece of paper again.”  “In that case good luck sir and welcome to the city of Anxiety and may I recommend you get some new shoes sir as you will be doing a lot of walking!”

So I you do not know where I am I will be shoe shopping in the City of Anxiety and looking for the Ministry of Information Retrieval.  Just my luck they will only have dusty grey in the shoes I want.

Until next time take care.

Si x


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