My Photography Do’s & Don’ts

Here are my personal do’s and don’ts of photography, how similar or different are yours They have been built up over the last 8 years of my photographic journey.


  1. Trust in what you feel and see.
  2. Follow your heart.
  3. Be honest with yourself.
  4. Have fun and enjoy your journey, yes at times it will be frustrating but you need that.
  5. Invest in the lens(es) first and foremost.
  6. Talk to fellow photographers and share your stories but most importantly listen to theirs.
  7. Respect other people’s photography; it is their journey after all.
  8. Spend time looking back at your previous work you may find it inspirational.
  9. Remember that it is the person behind the camera that makes the difference not camera.
  10. Respect your subject.
  11. Make sure you have at least two copies of your image files as a minimum.
  12. Make sure you work on a copy of your image file if you are not using a “non destructive” editing programmes like Adobe Ligthroom or Photoshop.


  1. Let technology drive your photographic journey.
  2. Forget it is a journey, how long or short is up to you.
  3. Be afraid of taking inspiration from other photographers work.
  4. Be afraid to ask for help and advice no matter how experienced you are, you never stop learning.
  5. Tell a fellow photographer what they can or cannot do, unless you are the subject then be polite.
  6. Be a gear snob, it’s so unflattering, take pride in it yes.
  7. Don’t be afraid to try something new as you may find yourself on an even more exciting path in your journey.
  8. Saying I can’t, I am not good enough, there is no such thing the only limit is your imagination.
  9. Don’t be afraid to comment (politely and constructively) on other peoples work, if they take offense they should not be displaying it the first place.

Until next time take care.

Si x



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